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Topics - 2018年5月11日
The Royal Wedding
Saturday 19th May

It doesn't seem very long ago since the announcement of another royal wedding back in late November of 2017, but the 'big day' is just around the corner and will take place on Saturday the 19th of May. As many will know getting married in the British Isles can certainly be a risky business when it comes to the weather. Getting married during the summer months doesn't often guarantee plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures, so will the Royal Wedding be a royal wash out or will there be plenty of sunshine for what is set to be a wonderful and very British event?

While the wedding may only be a week or so away, meteorological speaking that is quite a long time, especially with regards to getting the details correct. However, the current thinking is that the weather during the latter stages of next week (Thursday 17th and Friday 18th) does look predominantly dry with some bright or sunny spells across south-east England, but rather cool. At the moment similar conditions seem likely into the 19th itself.

For now, mainly dry conditions look set to prevail with some bright or sunny spells and, overall, maximum temperatures look set to be around average, so near 15C to 18C across the south-east.

Other areas of the British Isles celebrating the Royal Wedding may well not fair quite as well. There is some evidence that more northern and western areas of the British Isles, particularly Scotland, Ireland and, to a lesser extent, N England and Wales, could become more unsettled through the course of next weekend. As a result, the further north and west you are across the British Isles the greater the risk of some rain or showers on the 19th and it may also become rather windy here as well.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the fine weather across the south-east of England, at least, will be maintained in subsequent forecasts and that many can enjoy the wedding without getting wet!

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