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  • 雷达
    • Loop
    • View pictures step by step
    • Level: 大陆; 国家(地区); 地区 (Radar only available for 大不列颠, 爱尔兰, 法国, 荷兰, 比利时, 德國, 西班牙, 美国 and 澳大利亚).
    • 一览表
    • 最高温度
    • 最低温度
    • 地面气压
    • 降水
    • 3 Day Forecasts

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  • 城市
    • 1-12 天:
      最高温度; 最低温度; 白天天气 -上午; -下午; -晚上; Rain risk; 降水; 风向 和 平均风速 -上午; -下午; -晚上; 紫外线指数; 日照时数; 日出; 日落; 月出; 月落;
    • 12 hrs Forecast in 3 hrs intervals:
      娓╁害; 风向; 平均风速; 相对湿度; 白天天气; 日照时数; 特强阵风;
    • 天气实况:
      娓╁害; 白天天气; 降水; 能见度; 风 -寮哄害; -阵风; -方向; 相对湿度; 云量; 云底; 海平面气压; -变压; 雪深;
    • Locate your current position
    • Choose units (C/F, km/miles)
    • Up to 10 locations at a time

mobile weather maps
mobile temperature (max) map
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  • Update periods
    • City: 1-12 Day Forecast every 6 hrs, 1/2 Day Forecast every 3 hrs, Current Weather Info varies between 30 min and 6 hrs, Radar: 5min (UK), 15 min (Europe), 1hrs (USA, Australia). Maps every 6hrs.
  • Timezone
    • Location Forecast: local time at the forecast location. All other times according to the preset time for the device.
  • Please note
    • Language: English
    • Go to to verify availability of the requested location, map, radar image.
    • In case specific radar images are missing please click reload.
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        [email protected], subject weather app
        [email protected], subject weather app
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