European forecast - 2024年3月2日
Low pressure N.Atlantic to Baltic
Cloudy mainly dry for Central

Issued: 0530hrs Saturday 02 March 2024
Duty forecaster: John

Unsettled spell ahead

Cloudy with a mix of rain and showers, fresh W/SW winds. Cloudy morning with a band of rain across Scotland, into Wales moving south and east across England and Wales during the day though fragmenting south and east. A mix of rain and snow showers for south and western areas of Sweden and Norway Denmark. Patchy outbreaks of snow for central and northern Norway and across to Finland, later Latvia, Estonia and Luthunania, temperatures 8C with rain below 0C with snow. Cloudy with outbreaks of snow across Poland. For France to Belgium, Netherlands to Denmark and through Germany across all Alpine regions including Switzerland Austria south to Austria to Romania and Bulgaria cloudy for most with some sunshine towards south and generally dry temperatures 8C fro France to below 0C farther east. Spain, Portugal, acorss Italy to Greece sunshine and showers these often heavy and prolonged, 12 to 15C generally. Frost will become widespread coupled with freezing fog across many central areas. Staying cloudy further outbreaks of rain southern England and northern France to Belgium overnight. Rain also for Denmark to southern Sweden and Norway with snow fringing the Baltic

Remaining cloudy with rain and snow continuing over northern France through Belgium Germany to Denmark for much of the morning with showers then following, showers extending to northeast Spain and coastal Portugal. Snow also for Norway and Sweden. Temperatures 8 to 10C with rain below 0C across Norway and Sweden. Remainig dry though cloudy with fog through all central countries including Germany, Switzerland, Austria to Czech. temperatures 6 to 8C. Sunshine and showers for Mediterranean, across Italy to Greece, 10 to 12C.

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