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European forecast - 2018年5月16日
Increasingly Fine For Most
Average Temperatures

Issued: 0530hrs Tuesday 15th May 2018
Duty forecaster: Matthew Hugo

High pressure will continue to dominate across Scandinavia and more northern areas of Europe into next week, otherwise low pressure persists for most.

During Wednesday and high pressure will continue to build and dominate the weather across the British Isles, leading to further dry weather here with some sunshine. Equally, further mainly dry and settled weather is forecast across Scandinavia but with perhaps a greater risk of some patchy rain or showers across Norway. Low pressure does, however, remain slow moving across parts of Germany into Poland and other eastern areas of Europe bringing a risk of some heavy and perhaps thundery showers, and while some heavy downpours are possible across Italy conditions should be improved here than compared with Tuesday. Spain and Portugal is set fair withs ome sunshine but a cool N or NE'ly breeze is predicted here. Very warm and humid across more eastern areas of the Med, if not hot really across Greece and Turkey in particular, along with Cyprus, but with afternoon downpours and thunderstorms possible.

Into Thursday and high pressure will slowly become more dominant, especially across the British Isles, down into France and much of Iberia. It will, however, be quite cool across more western and north-western areas of Europe but this offset somewhat by the 'strong' May sunshine. Low pressure will remain slow moving across more eastern areas of Germany and into Poland, this bringing rain, showers and perhaps some thunderstorms, while the same low pressure brings unsettled conditions to southern areas of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Much of the Med will be more settled than previous days, but with temperatures continuing to rise, given the time of year, then afternoon downpours or thunderstorms across inland areas remain possible, these most likely across parts of Italy and eastwards towards Slovakia, Greece and Turkey

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预报  [2018年5月16日]
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